Laurence Norman - Portrait Art

I have always been a creative person, influences going back to when I was younger with both parents creative in their own rights. My father had a background in architectural drawing, I would spend lots of time fascinated by his drawing desk and the techniques he would use. My mother was a primary school teacher and head of Art, she is certainly my creative driving force and always supported in my development as an artist. I Studied Illustration at the University Institute of Wales, Cardiff, however did not complete my degree as I felt it just was not my calling.


Years on and self taught  I found oil paints and have been fortunate enough to create some very fun commissions and have had work exhibited in the Oxford Art Society open exhibition after becoming a finalist in their Young Artist Competition in 2019 and exhibiting another piece in the 2020 open exhibition. I have also sold art locally in independent galleries and had work exhibited in Cardiff. 

I have now been fortunate enough to have one of my pieces published in the Portraits for NHS Heroes book, the idea of talented Portrait Artist Tom Croft.

I hope you enjoy my work and if anyone would like to get in touch with idea's for commissions please don't hesitate to contact me.